Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The All Saints Episcopal Day School Board of Trustees recently formed an ad hoc committee focused on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).

The ASEDS DEI Committee exists to advance the values of social justice, equity, and inclusion at our school. The Committee understands the following functions and actions as critical to supporting this mission:

  • Reviewing and structuring our admissions process with the aspiration toward a membership that is proportionately demographically representative of Austin with respect to race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and disability
  • Ensuring that ASEDS community culture is welcoming and as safe as possible to current and prospective members of marginalized groups, and that all community members feel fully part of creating and shaping the culture
  • Supporting ASEDS kids, parents, and teachers to be able to function with sensitivity and skill around issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Working with the Board and Head of School to ensure these values are actively incorporated across the school, not only within the Diversity Committee meetings or specific recommendations.

Diversity substantially enriches the experience of our entire community. Through our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, we seek to create and sustain a school culture that advances the dignity and well-being of each person and promotes a genuine sense of belonging for all. By affirming our similarities and celebrating our differences, our students learn to use their voices and actions to lead with open hearts and minds, creating an environment of empathy, inclusivity, and respect.

For more information on this committee, including upcoming meeting schedule, please contact Anissa Ryland at ajryland@yahoo.com.