Red Room Teacher: Brenna Randolph
Brenna has been the lead teacher in the Red Room for five years. She previously taught toddlers in a Reggio-inspired program, worked as a parent educator, and as an ABA therapist. Brenna has a Bachelor of Science degree in Child Development and Family Relationships. Brenna also serves as our librarian and has a passion for new and diverse children’s literature.

Red Room Assistant Teacher: Victoria Trejo
Victoria worked in our Stay and Play program for three years and in the All Saints’ Church PDO program. This is Victoria’s second year working in the Red Room and serving as the Early Birds teacher. Victoria is currently getting her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.

Blue Room Teacher: Jamie Fierro
Jamie has twenty-five years of early childhood experience. She been teaching at All Saints’ for eighteen years. She has served as the Assistant Head of School as well, and she will be returning to that role when she is not in the classroom. Jamie also teaches Spanish and the Art after school enrichment class. Before working at All Saints’, she had her own home family day care.

Green Room Teacher: Kimberly Mendez
Kimberly has worked at All Saints’ for four years. She began in our Stay and Play program. Kimberly moved on to be a Pre-K teaching assistant, Be Fit teacher, Spanish teacher, and Summer Program teacher. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and she is currently getting her master’s degree in Clinical Social Work.

Green Room Assistant Teacher: Roe Santanilla
This is Roe’s second year at All Saints’. Last year, Roe worked in our Stay and Play program. She has also worked as a nanny. Roe enjoys jazz and writes her own music in her free time.

Yellow Room Teacher: Gina Quinn-Newton
Gina has thirty years of teaching experience with wide variety of students from toddler through
elementary aged children. She most recently taught Pre-K for eight years. Gina has a Bachelor of Science in Applied Learning and Development.

Yellow Room Assistant Teacher: Jill Cowan
This is Jill’s second year as the Yellow Room Assistant Teacher. Jill was also an All Saints’ parent. Her children, Katie and Jack, attended All Saints’.

Orange Room Teacher: Shannon Chandler
Shannon has five years of experience teaching Pre-K and Kindergarten. She also served as the Head of a Kindergarten department. Shannon has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and master’s degree in Reading Leadership. She did her thesis on Preschool and Kindergarten Reading Development. Shannon worked as an assistant in the Blue Room last year, and she was a lead teacher in our summer program.

Orange Room Assistant Teacher: Frankie Reyna
Frankie is an All Saints’ alumnus. She worked as an assistant in the summer program for 4 years. She recently graduated with bachelor’s degree in Applied Behavioral Science. Frankie will serve as our Be Fit teacher as well.

Chaplain and Music Teacher: Mo Kowalik
Mo has taught as All Saints’ for fourteen years. She has served in many roles including teaching Pre-K, TK, Kindergarten, and afterschool enrichment. She has won an award for her teaching from the Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools and has presented teacher workshops on her chapel and math curriculum.

Head of School: Gigi Khalsa

Gigi has 33 years of experience in early childhood education. During her 17 years at All Saints’, she has served in many roles including teaching Pre-K, Kindergarten, Music, and Library. This is her third year as Head of School. Previously, she taught Transitional Kindergarten, Kindergarten and First grade in public and private schools. Gigi has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and master’s degree in Education with a special interest in Multicultural Education.



The mission of All Saints’ Episcopal Day School is to educate the minds and hearts of children by providing a developmentally appropriate curriculum that fosters a love of learning in a spiritually inclusive environment.

Core Values

All Saints’ Episcopal Day School:

  • admits any child, regardless of race, color, national, sexual orientation, or ethnic origin.
  • admits every child so long as an appropriate curriculum can be provided and so that each child can reap the greatest benefit possible.
  • is a school where parents and visitors are welcome. We believe that a quality environment for children is one, which not only permits, but also encourages parents’ consistent involvement.


All Saints’ Episcopal Day School will:

  • be a richly diverse community in all respects
  • be a place that values childhood
  • promote academic excellence without losing sight of the whole child
  • hire and retain a superior Faculty
  • maintain a robust Episcopal Identity
  • be a leader in early childhood education

All Saints’ does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sexual orientation, religion, national or ethnic origin in the administration of its admissions and education policies, financial assistance programs, employment practices, and other school-administered programs.

Early Childhood Education

All Saints’ understands that early childhood education is a crucial building block of a child’s academic career.

Each academic level at All Saints’ incorporates specific programs in music, visual arts, language, movement, social-emotional learning, community service, and chapel.

All Saints’ students go on to attend a variety of public and private elementary schools across Austin, and the love of learning instilled here stretches well beyond the time they leave our classrooms.

Hands-on Play Based Curriculum

All Saints’ students experience innovative and challenging activities each day. All Saints’ teaching methodologies accommodate a variety of learning styles and development levels within each classroom. All Saints’ values supporting and engaging each child in their own academic exploration.

All Saints’ hands-on and play-based curriculum incorporates programs in library, music, visual arts, language, and movement. We offer Enrichment Programs, a Before School Program (Early Birds), and an After School Program (Stay & Play).

Focus On The Whole Child

All Saints’ prepares students to excel academically, and to shine as members of their family, community, and the world. We cultivate responsibility, integrity, empathy, and service.

To develop well-rounded students, the School utilizes a strong social-emotional learning program, weekly chapel, and community service programs at all classroom levels.

Caring and Committed Faculty

All Saints’ amazing Faculty and Staff provide extraordinary support to their students, the School, and the community. Our teachers nurture an environment of respect and support for each child in their classroom, and go to great lengths to create an inclusive and connected School campus.

Welcoming and Supportive Community

Your school needs to be the right fit for your child and the right fit your family. All Saints’ and our parents work together build a successful and supportive school community. Parents attend academic programs and school events, and witness the development of their children first-hand. Parents volunteer in their child’s classroom, school-wide events, and community service programs.