Limited Spots available for 2021-2022

Enrollment for 2021-2022 will begin in February of 2021. Apply now! Please contact the School for more information.


All Saints’ prepares students to excel academically, and to shine as members of their family, community, and the world. We cultivate responsibility, integrity, empathy, and service.


Programs and Exploration for Each Child

Early childhood education is a crucial building block in a child’s path to a successful educational career. Our students develop a growth mindset and prepare to become lifelong learners. Each classroom incorporates music, visual arts, language, movement, math and science, social-emotional learning, community service, and chapel into a hands-on play based curriculum.

All Saints’ students experience innovative and challenging activities each day. All Saints’ teaching methodologies accommodate a variety of learning styles and development levels within each classroom. All Saints’ values supporting and engaging each child in their own academic exploration.

All Saints’ students go on to attend a variety of public and private elementary schools across Austin, and the love of learning instilled here stretches well beyond the time they leave our classrooms.

Parent and child working together

A quality environment for children is one, which not only permits, but also encourages parents’ consistent involvement. All Saints’ works in partnership with parents to promote the growth and development of each student.


Classes for ages Two through Kindergarten

At All Saints’, the day begins at 8:45 AM (7:45 for our Kindergarteners), and ends at 1:45 PM.

All Saints’ hands-on and play based curriculum includes specific programs in Library, Music, Spanish, and Movement. We also offer Enrichment Programs, a Before School Program (Early Birds), and an After School Program (Stay & Play).

Red Room

The Red Room is for students turning two by September 1st. You can choose a two, three, or five days a week program.

Blue Room

Blue Room students must be three years old by September 1st, and families can choose for students to come three or five days a week.

Green Room

Green Room students, our Pre-Kindergarteners, turn four by September 1st.

Yellow Room

Yellow Room students, our Pre-Kindergarteners, turn four by September 1st.

Orange Room

Kindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten, in the Orange Room, are for students who will be five by September 1st.

Classroom reading

All Saints’ provides a developmentally appropriate curriculum that fosters a love of learning in a spiritually inclusive environment.

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