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“My teachers and I look at what we do not as a job, but as a vocation. We see our primary responsibility as helping young students develop into loving and caring individuals capable of making decisions based on personal inquiry.” – Cindy La Porte, Head, All Saints’ Episcopal Day School

Three hallmarks of Episcopal schools are Spiritual Formation and Growth, Strong Academics Balanced with Play, and Community Service.
We embrace these distinctions in every part of our program.

Much of the “learning” in a preschool classroom centers on opportunities for social development. For our youngest students, the primary goal is for them to learn to take turns and share. Four-year-olds work hard on using their words rather than their actions to let their peers know that they are either very unhappy about a situation or overly thrilled with it. Our kindergarten students continue to work on these skills as well as developing an attitude that there is “always room for one more.”

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