COVID-19 & School Year Update


Dear Families,

It is hard to be apart during this challenging time. Our All Saints’ School family is a source of comfort and support for children and adults alike. We miss you! We want you to know that we are planning and working hard to ensure that when we are able to come back together, we will have a safe, loving, and nurturing learning environment. It may look different than what we are used to, but it will still feel like home.

Our leadership team has been researching best practices for preschools to reopen. We have studied the recommendations from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Texas Education Agency (TEA), and Southwestern Association of Episcopal School (SAES), as well as examples of national and international schools that are implementing new procedures. There is a great deal of information that continues to evolve every day, and we are flexible and ready to adapt as quickly as possible to changes that need to be made. We are committed to keeping you informed of our decisions and plans as they develop.

Here are some of the changes to procedures and calendar that we have determined are most important at this time:

The School is finding and investing in the best ways to safeguard the health of students and Staff. Some changes will include:

  • Increased cleaning and disinfecting with CDC-approved methods and cleaners
  • Temperature and wellness checks upon arrival
  • Increased hand-washing routines
  • Cleaning the air with a filtering machine and more ventilation
  • Masks for adults
  • Pickup and drop-off outside the building
  • Increased spacing, small groups and limited mixing between classes
  • Separate writing tools and craft materials for each child
  • More time spent outside
  • Rotating toys, and removing toys that cannot be easily cleaned and sanitized

We are so proud of how quickly our Teachers adapted to online learning. It was a steep learning curve to quickly determine what content would be most important and the platform that would work best. Our Teachers used Zoom, YouTube videos, FaceTime, and activity packets as appropriate to the age of our students. As Early Childhood educators, committed to hands-on learning through play, we knew that it was not ideal. After reflecting as a Faculty on how it went for our students, we decided that next school year we would prefer to make up as many days as possible, and use online learning tools as a way of staying connected with our students.

To reach this goal, our calendar will start earlier and build in make-up days at the end. We will still have our typical number of instructional days, but there will be an extra 37 flexible school days in May and June that can be used in the event that we have to stay at home at any point during the school year. We hope the new calendar attached to this email will reassure you that your child will not be missing out on important learning time, and you will not feel pressured to provide home schooling, should we have to be apart again.

Please see the full calendar for a draft of our expected year.

We are blessed to have a loving and supportive community. Thank you for your understanding and flexibility during these uncertain times. We will continue to update you as decisions and plans become more refined. We look forward to welcoming all of you back to our sweet little school.

Wishing you well,

Cindy La Porte and Gigi Khalsa
All Saints’ Episcopal Day School