May Message

It was almost exactly twenty years ago that the Board of Trustees hired me to head this sweet little school. I recall my first visit to it and the sense I had of what a wonderful home away from home it was for young children. And it’s still true today. We have worked hard to teach our students not just the academic things that one would expect a school to teach, but also the things that are more difficult to write into a traditional lesson plan. Love your neighbor. Walk away. Keep your friend’s feelings and body safe. Share. Use kind and gentle hands and words. Just try. Be brave. God loves you. And honestly, remembering these words may make the biggest difference in your child’s life.

In Now Is the Time, 170 Ways to Seize the Moment Patrick Lindsay writes, “We each have a unique album of personal memories: mental snapshots of the key moments in our lives. Every so often, look through your album. Relive them. Learn from them.” When I open the albums for the past twenty school years, I will see the faces of a thousand students and the faces of their parents and of our Faculty. But my focus will be on the interlocking hands and on the commitment of each to do what was best for this community of faith known as All Saints’ Episcopal Day School.

Several weeks ago we listened to the weather report and afterwards secured things in the yard. Then we sat outside on the porch and watched, as a severe thunderstorm grew closer. When the blowing rain began to shower us, we opened the door to the house and sat just inside, leaving the door ajar. Sometimes, in the midst of turmoil, it is best to be patient and give the brain an opportunity to clear before one completely retreats; for in the middle of confusion we often find meaning.

Just when I think that I am in control of my life, I witness the power of God and know that it is good to rest in the arms of the one who not only sends the rain to the parched earth, but also sends showers of blessings to us all. I am grateful that He has the power and wisdom to always provide me with new opportunities and endless possibilities. And yet as I look forward to the future, I am saddened that our time together is almost over. I give thanks to God for having the ability to bring together the perfect combination of people for All Saints’ Episcopal Day School this year and every year. We may never completely know why He chose us, but we can be certain that God believed that each of us was the answer to the prayer of someone else who was here also.

My prayer this month is what it has been every May. I pray that regardless of where you may be next year, you will look to God for guidance in your own life and in the lives of your children. And I pray that when we find ourselves separated from those we love or the plans we’ve made, that we’ll keep the faith that even if we don’t know why, God does.

Goodbye, so long, farewell my friends.

Cindy La Porte, Head of School

Parents – Thanks for the beautiful flowers!