March Newsletter – Spring at All Saints’


When I was young, we kids were upset when it got dark because it meant that our parents would soon be calling us to stop playing and to come inside. We celebrated when we were allowed to play hide and seek after the sun went down. Searching in the dark helped us learn to slow our pace and to draw on all our senses to guide us to success. Consequently, I’m sad when I learn that children are afraid of the dark. I have to wonder if some of that fear is the result of closed windows and nightlights. Although I would not advise that you go without air conditioning full time, I do believe that open windows at least allow children to become familiar with the night sounds.

I can remember my sister, brother and I being sung to sleep by the chirping of the crickets and cicadas. And, I recall being awakened by the leaves rustling or thunder in the distance. We would reach for the sheets and turn over with smiles on our faces, because both those sounds meant that a cool breeze would soon be blowing through the windows. We could also recognize the distinctive barks of the neighborhood dogs and knew when cats were on the prowl. Even unfamiliar noises were not to be feared; they provided us an opportunity to use our higher level thinking skills or, our imagination.

As adults, we travel a variety of paths in life. How we approach a path determines our success in reaching our destination. It’s easy to navigate when there are no unknowns and when we can see far enough ahead to adjust our route. Not every thing we encounter in life however is planned. So, we must also learn to draw on our inner strength and keep the faith that something previously unnoticed will guide us out of the darkness.

My prayer for us this month is that when something unexpected or unfortunate occurs, we will remember that the stars and moon are not visible in bright sunlight. And just as surely as the sun sets, it also rises.

Cindy LaPorte ,