All Saints’ Social Media Policy

Social media has become a necessary tool for a school to effectively communicate information to its parents, as well as to successfully market itself to prospective families. All Saints’ Episcopal Day School maintains social media accounts to communicate to its members information relating to the activities and mission of the School. The safety of ASEDS students, families, Faculty, and Administration and their personal information is the top priority in respect to the use of School-sponsored social media.

Therefore, ASEDS commits to:

-NO posting of any confidential personal data of students, families, or employees of ASEDS, including names, addresses, email addresses, or relationships.

-NO posting of any student images without a parent’s express written consent through the signing of the ASEDS image release form.

-NO capability for posts to be made by anyone other ASEDS.

-NO capability for the use of “tagging” identification software.

-Reviewing all comments for compliance with the ASEDS Social Media Policy.


In addition, Users of ASEDS-sponsored social media agree to:

-NO posting of comments ASEDS determines is threatening, harassing, illegal, obscene, defamatory, slanderous, or hostile towards any individual or entity.

-NO posting of names, phone numbers, email addresses, home addresses, birth dates, relationships, or any other confidential information of students, parents, Faculty, or any individual associated with ASEDS.


Please read the full ASEDS Social Media Policy for all guidelines. Parents may deny ASEDS permission to use images of their child on social media at any time.


Section I. Overview

All Saints’ Episcopal Day School (ASEDS or School)-sponsored social media accounts are intended for, but not limited to, updates on School activities, announcements of upcoming events, effective communication with parents, calls for volunteers, announcements of School programs, marketing, and other uses as determined by ASEDS. The ASEDS philosophy towards social media is creating a place for current and prospective parents to find an engaging connection to the strengths, spirit, and story of the School in a safe and secure forum. Therefore, ASEDS aims to foster a culture on its social media platforms that is:

-Honest and Fair: Post comments that are respectful and considerate.

-Kind and Caring: Treat others with respect, without attack or abuse.

-Responsible: Use discretion to protect the privacy and safety of yourself and others.

-Courageous: Help to monitor the appropriate use and security of information.


With a commitment to the safety of our students, as well as the preservation of our reputation as a school, the standards for appropriate online communication at ASEDS are necessarily high. This Policy is created to best protect all users of the sites, especially ASEDS and its community of families. While we respect the right of parents, employees, and other members of our community to utilize the variety of social media options available, we must insist that all users who participate in ASEDS-sponsored sites meet the following standards.


Section II. User Comments and Participation Policy

Comments and reviews on ASEDS-sponsored sites, including, but not limited to, official Facebook page, or official Instagram account, are a vital aspect of social media, and ASEDS welcomes them. We request that you be courteous and productive and avoid comments that are profane, obscene, offensive, sexually explicit, inappropriate, inflammatory or otherwise objectionable.

For the privacy of users and their families, please assume that all postings to ASEDS-sponsored social media will be publicly available on the Internet and therefore publicly accessible without limitation or protection of any kind. Please consider how much personal information to share, with the understanding that this information may be linked to your name and published on the Internet. Be cautious and use good judgment to protect the safety of yourself and others.

-No posting of phone numbers, email addresses, home addresses, birth dates, relationships, or any other confidential personal information of students, parents, Faculty, or any individual associated with ASEDS. If you choose to post your own contact information for any reason, please be aware that the information will be available to the public and is, therefore, subject to misuse.

-No posting of material that infringes on the rights of ASEDS or any individual or entity, including privacy, intellectual property or publication rights.

-No linking of official ASEDS posts to personal sites without express understanding that personal sites must contain no discoverable information related to any child, parent, Faculty member, or any individual associated with ASEDS included in the associated post.

-No posting of material that promotes or advertises a commercial product or solicits business or membership or financial or other support in any business, group or organization except those which are officially sponsored by ASEDS, except in designated areas specifically marked for this purpose.

-No posting of chain letters, posting of the same comment multiple times, or otherwise distributing “spam” via the ASEDS-sponsored site.

-Not allowing any other individual or entity to use your identification for posting or viewing comments.

-No posting of comments under multiple names or using another person’s name.


By posting a comment or other material to ASEDS-sponsored sites as outlined above, users give ASEDS the irrevocable right and license to exercise all copyright, publicity, and other applicable rights with respect to any content you provide, which includes using your submission for any purpose in any form and on any media, including but not limited to: displaying, modifying, reproducing, distributing, creating other works from, and publishing your submission. ASEDS reserves the right to review all comments before they are posted, and to edit them to preserve readability for other users.


Section III. Procedures for Monitoring and Disciplinary Action

ASEDS reserves the right to reject or remove comments for any reason, including but not limited to our belief that the comments violate this Policy, to determine in its sole discretion which submissions meet its qualifications for posting. Any submissions that fail to follow this Policy in any way or are otherwise irrelevant will be removed.

ASEDS also reserves the right to ban future posts from users who repeatedly violate the ASEDS Social Media Policy. ASEDS may implement such bans by refusing posts from specific email addresses or IP addresses, or through other means as necessary.

ASEDS also reserves the right to amend this Policy from time to time in our sole judgment to address issues that may arise and changes in our operations or the law.


Section IV. Disclaimer and Idemnity

Users of any All Saints’ Episcopal Day School sites agree to indemnify and hold harmless ASEDS, its affiliates, directors, employees, successors, and assigns against any damages, losses, liabilities, judgments, causes of action, costs, or expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs) arising out of any claim by a third party relating to any material user has posted on ASEDS-sponsored sites.