Parent Ambassador Program


P.A.P. Kickoff Poster


A parent is one of the strongest assets All Saints’ has to promote the School, and our wonderful families serve as the face of our school to the Austin community. A parent is personal, a parent is powerful, and a parent has a story. These factors alone give parents a reach beyond what the School alone can attain.

The goal of the Parent Ambassador Program is to organize our parents to be part of the All Saints’ recruitment team. By equipping parents with the tools to best share their School experience, All Saints’ develops a network for communicating the strengths of the School with prospective families.

All Saints’ parents can grow our enrollment, our broader community, and our own School family by acting as a personal contact for prospective parents, fostering outreach at events, helping with School events and information sessions, and serving as a general advocate.

The best methods our parents can utilize to help grow our School are:



Dive In And Share!

All Saints’ needs storytellers because stories are powerful. We are living a story, we can relate to stories and see ourselves in them. Our parents can best promote the School through stories about our academic program, about our wonderful Teachers, and how All Saints’ has impacted you, your child, and your family. In the variety of activities our families regularly engage in across a spectrum of Austin communities, our parents and their stories can help spark the idea in prospective parents that All Saints’ may be the right fit for their child.

Find the moments to dive in and share what All Saints’ has meant to you and your child!



Spread The Message of What All Saints’ Offers

  • Our Array of Programs and Exploration
  • Our Strong and Adaptable Curriculum
  • Our Focus on The Whole Child
  • Our Caring and Committed Faculty
  • Our Welcoming and Strong School Community

Read HERE for more details on these areas.



Testify How All Saints’ Has Positively Effected Your Child & Family

There are a number of places that prospective parents can go to find the strengths and spirit of a school while searching for the right community for their children. These include official school websites and school social media feeds. All Saints’ parents can create a positive and personal presence for prospective families by giving reference, assurance, and life to the All Saints’ community through personal testimony and reviews on independent reviews sites, All Saints’ official social media, and personal social media.