Frequently Asked Questions


Are all students required to be toilet trained?

The students in our Early Learners class (Red Room for two-year olds) are not required to be toilet trained. The room is equipped for changing diapers. Students who are three or older by September 1st however, must be toilet trained upon entrance to the School.  We do recognize that young children will have occasional toilet “accidents.”

If a child is experiencing chronic toileting accidents, one of the following courses of action will result:

  • a reduction in the number of hours of attendance in the program
  • a call to the parent to come to the School and change the child’s soiled clothing
  • the withdrawal of the child from the program until toilet trained


I know the children do not wear uniforms, but do you have some clothing guidelines?

Children should be dressed appropriately for active play and current weather conditions. Closed toe shoes are required because of the sand and mulch areas on the playground. The easiest way to describe the shoes is athletic-type. If you can confidently answer “yes” to the following question, then the shoes will meet our dress code. Would the shoes be considered acceptable/appropriate by the coach if your child were going to tennis, kickball, soccer, or t-ball practice? Also, students are not allowed to wear open-back shoes; sandals; flip flops; boots of any kind; Crocs; and slip on shoes that come off easily when a child runs.


I have heard that the School is a cell phone free zone. Is that true?

Yes, for the safety of the students, parents are asked to turn off their cell phones in the carpool line. And as a courtesy to the Faculty/Staff and the students, you are asked to keep it off when you are in the building. It is important that the adults and the children know that they are your first priority when you are on campus.


I plan to volunteer to help in the classroom and on field trips. Is there anything that I have to do prior to participating in those activities?

Yes, it is mandatory that you complete the class, Safeguarding God’s Children. This class will be offered several times early in the school year. If you volunteer to drive on a field trip, you will also need to provide the School with a copy of your driver’s license, liability insurance card, and driving record. Access your driving record through DPS. Order a Type II report on-line, and print a copy of the report for us to keep on file in the Office. The cost is $6.50.


I have a younger child also. May he/she attend class parties and ride with me if I drive on field trips?

No. Siblings of any age are not allowed to attend class parties or field trips. Chaperones and drivers need to devote 100% of their attention on the children enrolled in the class.


What’s the procedure for sending a special snack on my child’s birthday?

Please check first with the Teacher to see if any students in your child’s class have food allergies. Then, you are welcome to send a special snack such as small cupcakes, small muffins or frozen fruit bars to be served as a “dessert” after lunch. Please, no party favors, games or balloons. Additional information about birthday books, birthday blessings in Chapel and party invitations can be found in the Parent Handbook.

You are not required to invite everyone in your child’s class to your child’s birthday party. Consequently, invitations to parties must be mailed or emailed; they cannot be distributed at school. This is true even if you do invite everyone.


How are payments for tuition, lunches, etc. made this year?

This year, all your payments will be made through Smart Tuition, a tuition management service provider. This company offers many options – you may pay Smart Tuition by mail, automatic debit, credit card, phone, and the web. More information on this will follow.




Where do I turn in the completed forms, etc. that I have for the School?

You may hand them to the Head of School or the School Administrative Assistant or place them on the hall table. Or, you may place them in your child’s backpack. Remember to email the Office so we will know to remove these items from the backpack.


What if I need to send a message to my child’s teacher?

You may leave a message on the School’s answering machine (512-472-8866), email the Office at or or email your child’s Teacher directly (see the general information sheet for individual classroom email addresses). You may also send a message in your child’s backpack.

If you need to speak directly to the Teacher, you may accompany your child to the classroom; remember that Teachers are busy greeting all the students from 8:45-9:00, so please don’t be offended if they are unable to share much time with you during arrival time.

Or, you can call the School and the Teacher will call you back as soon as possible. Please, do not send text messages to Teacher; employees do not have their cell phones on during work hours.


How will you send notes home from the School?

Some things will be mailed directly to you. Your child’s “work” and general notes from the Office or your child’s teacher, will be sent in a Monday Packet or, the information will be emailed to you. Please empty and review the contents of the packet and then return it the following day. Please check your child’s backpack or book bag daily for personal notes and other treasures.




How important is it that my child arrives on time?

If your child arrives late regularly, he/she will not reap the full benefit of our program and will miss the opportunity to briefly visit with classmates before activities begin. In our experience, the transition from home to school is particularly difficult for our three year olds who arrive late.

Tardies will be recorded. You will be notified after 10 occur and then we will meet with you about some things that you can do at home that would help insure your prompt arrival.


I’m not sure where to leave my child in the mornings.

The following options are available: Before School Care (BSC) is offered from 7:45 to 8:45. Children must be brought onto the playground and signed in by the accompanying adult. You may use this everyday or on a drop-in basis. All ages of children are grouped during this program and are supervised by our Faculty/Staff. You will not be charged if your child joins the Before School Care Program at 8:35.

Between 8:45 and 9:00 you may pull up in the parking lot next to the gate to the playground and drop-off your child (curb side). The Faculty/Staff will accompany students to classrooms. Please do not leave your car unattended in the drop-off line.

Between 8:45 and 9:00 you may pull into one of the 5 Minute Passenger Zone, No Unattended Vehicles spaces on University Avenue. The Faculty/Staff will help your child get out of the car (curb side) and to the classroom. Please do not leave your car unattended in the drop-off line.

You are also welcome to park in a space in the lot and walk your child through the red double doors on University Avenue and on to class. The playground gate and double doors are locked at 9:01, so ring the doorbell if you arrive late.


I’ve been asked to wait until 8:45 to enter the building, why?

Although teachers work late in the afternoon to prepare things for the following day, they also use the time between 8:00 and 8:45 for preparation and planning.


What can I do to help the afternoon carpool line move faster?

Please stay in your car – a Teacher or an Assistant will load your child. If you want to personally accompany your child to your car, please park in the lot (not in the carpool line) and wait for your child outside the gate by the blue carpool benches. If you need to visit with the Teacher, please do so after she has completed her carpool duty at 2:00.

Sometimes children want to invite classmates to their homes after school. Carpool line will move faster if these arrangements can be taken care of outside of the line of cars.

Please share the carpool procedure with first time carpool drivers, such as grandparents.


What do I need to do if I realize I am going to be late for carpool?

Call (512-472-8866) or email the Office ( or ) and we will get the message to your child’s Teacher. You may choose to pay a late fee of $10 for the first 10 minutes you are late or you may pay for your child to be enrolled in After School Care as a drop-in until 5:30 for $40. Teachers have other teaching responsibilities and are unable to remain outside after carpool ends. So if you are late, please park and come inside to get your child. You are considered late if you arrive after 12:00 for the three-year olds in the half-day program and after 2:00 for all other students.


I’ve seen a sign warning that my car will be towed if I park in the Church’s parking lot. How do I avoid this?

If you know you are going to park for longer than 15 minutes, register your car on the form located just inside the red double doors on University Avenue. Or, display the Day School Parent card on your dashboard.




How do I sign-up for Before School Care?

You may register your child to attend Before School Care everyday or, you may use it as a drop-in service. The Before School Care Staff on the playground have a sign-in sheet and payment envelope. The drop-in cost is $8. No cash, please.

When you pay by the month, on the average, you are receiving 20 days of care for $90. So, it costs you $4.50 per day. However, if you pay the drop-in fee, it costs you $8 per day. So if you think that you will need drop-in care at least 11 times during the entire school year, then purchase one month of care and use the 20 days anytime during the year. This offer is only for those who do not need care on a monthly basis. Leftover days are not refundable and cannot be rolled over to the following year.


How do I sign-up for After School Care?

This program is offered until 5:30 on the days your child attends school. You may register your child to attend everyday or you may use it as a drop-in service. Students enter the program at 1:45. Children in the Red and Blue Rooms are encouraged to nap or rest during the first hour and may bring a soft blanket/pillow for this time.  Those in the Green Room, Yellow Room and Orange Room do not nap unless requested to do so by the parent. An afternoon snack is served with water. Students in the Green Room, Yellow Room, and Orange Room enrolled in the After School Enrichment Classes, join the After School Care Program at 3:15. If you want to pick up your child before 5:30, please ring the doorbell outside the red double doors on University Avenue.

When you pay by the month, on the average, you are receiving 20 days of care for $360.   So, it costs you $18.00 per day ($4.80 an hour).   However, if you pay the drop-in fee, it costs you $40 per day ($10.66 per hour). So if you think that you will need drop-in care at least 9 times during the entire school year, then purchase one month of care and use the 20 days anytime during the year. This offer is not for those who need care on a monthly basis. Leftover days are not refundable and cannot be rolled over to the following year.


I have a three year old, who attends half-day, Monday through Friday. How do I sign-up him/her as a drop-in for the 11:45 – 1:45 After School Care?

Notify the Teacher or Office that your child is going to stay and, send a lunch for your child. Children who stay until 1:45 do not nap. We will load your child in your car at the 1:45 – 2:00 carpool time. The cost is $20 per day.