Annual Fund

Help us continue to build strong minds, healthy hearts, and full spirits.
Tuition covers only 80% of the cost to educate each All Saints’ student, and the Annual Fund Campaign helps bridge this gap. This Campaign helps fund the salaries of the Classroom Assistants, the Chaplain, the Librarian, and the Be Fit, Music, and Spanish Teachers. Please help us achieve this year’s goal by donating today.

Please Donate Now
All Saints’ Episcopal Day School is home to 42 eager preschoolers ready to absorb every educational moment that comes their way. It provides an amazing early childhood foundation, which is led by a nurturing Faculty and Staff, who focus on the development of the child’s mind, body, and spirit. In addition to a strong academic foundation, our children benefit from an extraordinary array of enrichment activities that are only available from the support of the Annual Fund.

We depend on the All Saints’ parents and grandparents, alumni families, Trustees, Faculty, Staff and friends to help us raise the money needed. Please remember that every donation, regardless of amount, is very appreciated and critical in making a difference for our School and positively impacts each of our children.

You can donate via our secure form (hosted by Greater Giving): Click Here To Donate

You can mail a check to:

All Saints’ Episcopal School
209 W. 27th Street
Austin, TX, 78705