What Makes All Saints’ Special


   Our Array of Programs and Exploration

All Saints’ understands that early childhood education is a crucial building block of a child’s academic career, and our students are prepared for success in all areas of study, each one of them leaving All Saints’ well equipped for the school years that lie ahead. In addition to a variety of enrichment classes available to explore specific interests, each academic level at All Saints’ incorporates specific programs in music, visual arts, language, movement, social-emotional learning, community service, and chapel.  All Saints’ students go on to attend a variety of public and private elementary schools across Austin, and the love of learning instilled here stretches well beyond the time they leave our classrooms.   LEARN MORE

Our Strong and Adaptable Curriculum

All Saints’ students are exposed to a balanced and rich curriculum, incorporating innovative and challenging activities each day. All Saints’ teaching methodologies accommodate a variety of learning styles and development levels within each classroom, and All Saints’ values supporting and engaging each child in their own academic exploration.   LEARN MORE

   Our Focus On The Whole Child

An education at All Saints’ has long been one that prepares students to excel academically, but also as members of their family, community, and the world. To develop well-rounded students, the School utilizes a strong social-emotional learning program, weekly chapel, and community service programs at all classroom levels. Using the motto “Strong Minds. Healthy Hearts. Full Spirits.” as a guide, the School strives to create an atmosphere which supports responsibility, integrity, empathy, service, and community.   LEARN MORE

 Our Caring and Committed Faculty

All Saints’ has long prided itself on having the highest quality Faculty and Staff that give extraordinary support to their students, the School, and the community. Each of All Saints’ Teachers pride themselves in nurturing an environment of respect and support for each child in their classroom, and go to great lengths to create an inclusive and connected School campus.   LEARN MORE

Our Welcoming and Supportive School Community

All Saints’ understands that a school is more than just the right fit for your child, but also the right fit your family. All Saints’ and its parents work together to stage events that bring the school community closer. The School supplies ample opportunities for parents to attend academic programs and school events so that they may witness the development of their children first-hand. All Saints’ offers the chance for parents to volunteer in their child’s classroom, school-wide events, and community service programs.   LEARN MORE