Kindergarten / Pre-K II

ORANGE ROOM: Children 5 & 6 years old by September 1

Monday through Friday  8:45 AM – 1:45 PM


The Orange Room is a multi-age classroom that includes Pre‑K II and Kindergarten students. The Pre-K II year is offered as a year of “time” for children whose developmental level suggests that another year of carefully balanced play and learning will benefit them. Work habits, listening skills, and completion of tasks are viewed as essential in this stimulating environment. As this is honored, the child bridges the world of play with a carefully introduced offering of math concepts and of phonics (letters and their sounds). Exposure to such concepts helps provide a firm foundation for the math and reading skills necessary for success in Kindergarten.

The curriculum for Kindergarten students focuses primarily on language arts and mathematics with a desire to let each child proceed at his or her individual pace. In addition, special theme study units are interspersed which enable the class to alter the traditional format of study and add to the spontaneity and creativity in the class. The Kindergarten program includes work in phonics, beginning reading, handwriting, and basic mathematic tools such as addition, subtraction, and sets.

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Meet Our Kindergarten / Pre-K II Teacher!
Melanie “Mo” Kowalik