Enrichment Programs

Designed for Pre-K, Pre-K II, and Kindergarten Students

1:45 PM – 3:15 PM


Pre-K, Pre-K II, and Kindergarten students are eligible to enroll in optional After-School Enrichment Programs taught by All Saints’ faculty. Each enrichment class is a semester long, and some classes culminate in a presentation or project. These programs are filled with developmentally appropriate, fun, and creative activities related to each of the themes:



Cooking Enrichment is designed to provide fun cooking experiences and food investigations for young children as well as teaching the science of cooking.  Students learn about table manners, table setting, proper nutrition and food preparation. The students work their way through a number of recipes which are gathered at the end of the semester in a class cookbook.




Science Enrichment helps students acquire the skills necessary to gather information about our world.  The scientific process is used to give them practice with observing, classifying, communicating, measuring, inferring and predicting.




Yoga Enrichment teaches breathing techniques and specific poses to give students methods for calming the body. Storytelling is used to introduce poses and songs help integrate the movements on the mat. Children participating in this class learn self-confidence, respect for others, concentration skills, joy and peace through focused movement.



Art Enrichment balances crafts (emphasis on a product) with art (emphasis on the process).  Children are exposed to a wide variety of art media and children’s literature is utilized to focus on both art technique and seminal artists for inspiration.  Students present the contents of their portfolios at an end of semester art show.


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Meet Our Enrichment Teachers!
Jamie Fierro 
Cooking & Art
Gigi Khalsa
Science & Yoga