The Whole Child


Our student-centered teaching at All Saints’ focuses not just on content areas, but on educating the Whole Child. Teachers incorporate social-emotional development and socialization into their planning and instruction, and foster self-esteem, confidence, empathetic behavior, and peaceful conflict resolution. All Saints’ works diligently to create a safe place for children to be themselves, and is continuously finding ways to strengthen its already diverse community.

In Chapel, spirituality is encouraged in joyful, age-appropriate ways, and we value spirituality that accepts each person as a unique child of God. All Saints’ works to develop the universal traits of self-discipline, responsibility, and integrity viewed as tenants of any well-rounded student.

All Saints’ also views a relationship with our broader community as an essential area of focus in developing the Whole Child. The School encourages service to others and recognizes those less fortunate through various programs which run throughout the school year.