School Identity


Mission Statement

The mission of All Saints’ Episcopal Day School is to educate the minds and hearts of children by providing a developmentally appropriate curriculum that fosters a love of learning in a spiritually inclusive environment.


Episcopal Identity

The student-centered teaching at All Saints’ Episcopal Day School focuses not just on content areas, but on educating the whole child. Teachers incorporate emotional development and socialization into their planning and instruction, and work hard to foster self-esteem, confidence, empathic behavior and peaceful conflict resolution. A key component to this program is All Saints’ foundation and connection to the Episcopal Church. We are a community of faith small enough to cultivate intimate relationships with our families, and All Saints’ Episcopal Day School strives to offer support to our community through both actions and prayer.

Chapel services are held on Wednesdays and Fridays in the All Saints’ Episcopal School Chapel of the Holy Spirit and occasionally in All Saints’ Episcopal Church. All Saints’ Episcopal Day School welcomes families of all faiths, denominations, and beliefs. Chapel service lasts for approximately twenty minutes and parents and visitors are always welcome. All Saints’ Chapel consists of a child-oriented message, time to sing and pray, as well as hear and act out Bible stories.


All Saints’ School Prayer

Thank you Lord for this fine day and for three special things we pray; bless our families, bless our friends, bless our school; help us Lord to be like you, loving kind and gracious too.


All Saints’ “Portrait of a Graduate”

All Saints’ strives to foster young students who are engaged with the learning process and are inspired to explore the world around them. Everything in the All Saints’ Episcopal Day School community, classrooms, programs, and explorations are meant to create minds that think, hearts that love, and hands that help.