Melanie “Mo” Kowalik

ORANGE ROOM: Kinder/Pre-K II Teacher

Spanish Teacher / Chaplin


I am in my seventh year of teaching at All Saints’ Episcopal Day School where I also serve as the Drama and Art Enrichment Teacher as well as School Chaplain. I received my B.A. in English from the University of Texas at Austin and went on to receive my teaching certification in Early Childhood through 6th grade. I have training and years of experience working with children with Selective Mutism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and ADD, as well as familiarity with Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA). Because of the unique needs of my students throughout the years, my teaching includes flexibility, differentiated instruction, and one-to-one guidance.

In my multi-sensory approach to teaching, I strive to reach the “head, heart, and hands” of every child because I have a deep understanding that children learn best when their whole self is involved in the process. I am very interested in interpersonal Neurobiology, which is the notion that the brain grows, develops, and is influenced by personal relationships, particularly between children and adults. Because of this, I believe that the relationship between a teacher and her students should be strong, loving, and nurturing in order for the child to thrive, blossom, and learn effectively.

I love teaching Pre-K because it is the best of all the worlds in how we play, learn, and discover the world. It is my passion, my joy, my calling, and one of God’s greatest gifts to me.

When I’m not teaching, rearranging my classroom for the umpteenth time, or looking for new and interesting items to add to our centers, I love spending time with friends and family, reading, drawing, swimming laps or hiking the beautiful trails in Austin.